Regrinding Service




-Engineering Analysis.


-Consulting in machining processes.

-The used and regrinded tools have a different life or a percentage of it depending on the process and material.

-Because the resharpening price is only a percentage of the price of the new tool, we reduce our customer’s production cost by reusing the same tool several times before disposal. The same tool can be resharpened up to 10 times before replacing it with a new one. This depends on the design and material of the tool.

-We manage quality standards of new tools from our Fuji Seiko matrix, therefore, the inspection is strict and detailed using constantly calibrated measuring tools, measuring machines with the highest precision and technology and constantly trained personnel.

-Thanks to the above, all our works include, as a guarantee, a quality assurance report with the record of the measurements obtained according to the specifications as shown in the drawing of the tool.